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Secret Friends Aalina

Trouble in paradise? 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Alina seemingly threw shade at her fiancé, Steven, after he revealed his big secret on the hit 90 Day Fiancé spinoff.

secret friends aalina

Park is introduced to the task force as a potential new hire. Aram Mojtabai is wary of her at first, but Agent Keen says she is good for the job because she has a dark side and a secret from Anchorage. After meeting Raymond Reddington, she tells Keen she cannot take the job because it would change her and bring out her dark side. She goes to tell Red, but finds him held at gunpoint by Francesca Campbell. Park shoots Red in the arm to separate him from Francesca, then chases her. A vicious fight ensues where Park nearly kills Francesca with a shard of glass. This changes Reddington's mind about her, and he asks that she be added to the task force permanently.

90 Day Fiancé fans learned that Alina has been keeping a secret from Caleb, and she's worried that it could end their relationship. The two have finally met face to face after years of chatting online, but both have yet to come forward with much information about prior romances. After more than a decade of communication, Caleb and Alina finally meet up in Turkey. Right off the bat, however, she was visibly irritated at his platonic greeting and his apparent lack of romantic interest in her during their ride to the hotel. Unfortunately, things failed to improve when he conked out shortly after getting to their room.

The next morning, Alina, already concerned that she was getting friend-zoned, was encouraged when Caleb invited her over to his side of the bed for a quick cuddle. Shortly, they were off to see the sights with Alina's chaperone/roommate, Elijah. The first stop was a mosque, where Caleb and Elijah had a few moments away from Alina. Elijah wasted no time and began to inform Caleb about what his responsibilities might entail should their relationship move forward. Caleb, however, was too wrapped up in the positive physical sensations that the mosque manifested for him and all but blew Elijah off. With the effects of the morning cuddle having apparently worn off, the trio's dinner became awkward as Alina and Elijah attempted to extract information about Caleb's previous girlfriends. Caleb basically shut them down by making it clear that he's always focused on whoever he's currently seeing. This didn't do much to placate either of his dinner companions, and Elijah ultimately left in a huff.

Things came into clearer focus for Alina after they returned to their hotel room, and Caleb finally went in for a passionate kiss. Once he moved Alina to the bed, it seemed that their chakras finally aligned, and the relationship was heading in the direction Alina had been hoping for. Last seen, they were fully clothed atop the bed, and the fireworks had started. Viewers of 90 Day Fiancé will have to wait to find out if Alina's secret turns out to be a bombshell or a nothingburger.

In the months after, Mal is sent with a regiment of men to Tsibeya and into Fjerda to track Morozova's stag for the Darkling. They encounter a patrol of Fjerdans, and Mal is one of the only Ravkan men who survive. Two of his long-time friends, Mikhael and Dubrov, are killed. The guilt of surviving eats away at Mal, and the time away from Alina makes him realize how much he truly loves her, and that he can't live without her. He writes her a letter expressing his feelings but does not send it.

After Mal tracks down the sea whip, they escape from the Darking's captivity with the handsome privateer Sturmhondand the Shu Heartrender twins Tolya and Tamar, both whom Mal quickly forms a friendship with. Promising to get them back to the mainland so Alina can take her place as head of the Grisha, Sturmhond takes them into the Fold on his flying ship Hummingbird, even though he originally promised to leave them on the coast. Mal is furious about the deception at first but then sees the potential in using Alina's power to allow them to hunt the volcra in the Shadow Fold. Though they are initially successful, the situation goes awry when Alina suddenly sees a vision of the Darkling and inadvertently drops the protective light, allowing the volcra to attack the ship. Crew members are injured and killed, but Mal escapes alive.

Mal and Alina were raised together in the orphanage at Keramzin, and ended up serving in the Ravkan army together. Although they were best friends, Alina had always loved Mal but he was oblivious of this fact, constantly flirting with other girls and boasting about his conquests to Alina. After it was discovered Alina was Grisha and had to leave to go to the Little Palace, Mal became cold toward her.

Alina was orphaned at a young age, when her parents died in the Fold. She grew up in the orphanage at Keramzin, where she became friends with Mal, and the two would often play together. One day, the Grisha came to test the children at the orphanage to see if they were Grisha. Not wishing to be separated from her friend, Alina secretly cut her hand as she was being tested, sabotaging the results, causing them to mistakenly believe she was not a Grisha.

Alina and Mal have been friends since they were orphans at Keramzin, where they formed a strong bond. Whenever Grisha would arrive to test the children to see if they were Grisha, the two would escape examination, and the one time they were caught, Alina sabotaged her exam, in fear she and Mal would be separated if she was confirmed to be a Grisha. Eventually, she and Mal develop romantic feelings for each other, unbeknownst to the other. When Mal was drafted to board the skiff to go through the Fold, Alina burned maps of West Rahman areas, so she could go with him through the Fold. After she was discovered as the Sun Summoner and taken to the Little Palace, she would frequently write to Mal, but never received a response. With her separation from Mal, not hearing a word from him, Alina started to suspect that her feelings towards him were unrequited and she soon gave up the idea of being reunited with him.

However, after she escaped the Little Palace, Mal was able to track her, reuniting the two friends. Once they were able to find a safe place to rest, the two finally spoke, both confirming that neither of them was receiving their letters and the two made up. When Mal was injured, protecting Alina from the Darkling's forces, Alina accepted the Darkling's deal to lower her defenses, allowing the General to kill Morozova's stag, in exchange for having Mal's injuries healed. Mal was still kept prisoner, forcing Alina's cooperation to the Darkling's plans. After the Darkling was defeated in the Fold, Alina and Mal boarded a ship, together, to cross the True Sea.

Now you know why your first name rocks. Time to show your creativity! Try exploring the names of everyone you know including friends, cousins, neighbors, classmates, co-workers, or your pets. Even your favorite anime, TV, or movie characters. Remember, this is purely just for fun.

Until one day, when in one scene, he let his demons loose. "Cut!" sounded three times, but they continued to kiss with all the passion that lovers could be capable of. The scene was included entirely in the series, and became an occasion for jokes among the team. However, even after that they still tried to remain friends.

The rapprochement was long. They met several times off-set as friends. It was terribly difficult to hide from the rest of the team, which had sprouted into her like the roots of a tree. Genya called several times at the wrong moment, just when Alina was at a meeting with Aleksander.

Alina knows that this is true. But at the same time she is scared. As if someone could steal their happiness. The thought is frightening to the point of trembling. This is partly why they are not going to tell their friends or the whole world about their relationship.

They laugh, Alina has never felt happier. Mal keeps his distance, and that's right. She hasn't forgiven him yet. However, if not for the case with Zoya, she would have remained a stupid girl who believes in his infallibility. When it comes to the truth, it's better to find out, even if it's late, than never. Now they can really only be friends.

Alina wants to be closer to Sasha, but they are torn apart by their friends. Everyone wants to talk and exchange a few phrases. She sees that Aleksander is in the very center of attention. Firstly, because he shouldn't be here at all.

The Allina Health Caring for Colleagues Fund is an emergency grant application for current employees, and former employees terminated due to reduction in workforce April 2020 or later. Supported by employee donations from the Employee Giving Campaign, the fund provides financial assistance for unexpected, severe financial strain due to a crisis. In times of need, it's important to provide support to our colleagues so that each of us can focus on what matters most: families, friends and, in many cases, caring for patients.

Elena was born to the late King Raul and Queen Lucia of Avalor. She resides within the kingdom's castle alongside her family, consisting of her younger sister Isabel, maternal grandparents Francisco and Luisa, as well as her scheming maternal cousin, Esteban. She is additionally accompanied by a trio of comedic, flying jaquins that double as her friends and mode of transportation, as well as the wise spirit fox Zuzo, whom only she can see on her own free will, as a result of her magical abilities.

Elena has the heart and mind of a true leader. She is devoted to the welfare of her subjects, her family, and her friends. She is shown to hold her father in high esteem and looks to him for inspiration. Like the Princess who freed her, Elena values keeping promises no matter what and has a strong dislike of disappointing her loved ones to the point where she can take on more than she can handle. Also like Sofia, she has a personal approach to leadership and a disregard for her own personal safety. Unlike Sofia though, Elena is very confident, to the point where she can be careless. Also unlike Sofia, who is quite particular, Elena can rush into things and miss key points. Her grandfather Francisco noted this to her through the story of the king who thought he had lost his crown, a way of telling her she wasn't ready to rule alone. Elena is reluctant to take advice at the beginning, while Sofia can take too much advice. She's also shown to love Día de Los Muertos because she sees it as a party where everyone you love is invited.


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