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Buy Old Servers ((NEW))

If you are in need of Bulk server Quantities, TheServerStore is your one stop shop. We can provide high performance servers for any computing need. Theserverstore can help elevate your IT infrastructure.

buy old servers


If needed, I would get refurbished Dell servers......IF..... Dell allows the hardware to have at least 3yrs or 5yrs support. Note that refurbished is not used. Dell hardware are sold as refurbished due to overstock, customer return within 30 days (not new once original box have been opened) or manufacturing mistakes (wrong order etc)

From a business stand point I have had always good luck with Dell. They have Dell Outlets which has refurbished servers and such available. -us/dfb/shop/dell-refurbished/cp/outlet-dfb Opens a new window

Before moving most of our infrastructure to the cloud, we purchased most of our servers off-lease from BTN Systems. They were not only reasonably priced, but we were entirely satisfied with every one of the 8-10 Dell servers we purchased from them over the years. You wouldn't have known they weren't new.

They also stock official Dell drives, qualified RAM, NICs, rails, and other parts for both servers as well as SAN equipment from Dell. Again, everything we purchased in terms of parts were official, good condition, and shipped/delivered quickly.

I don't know if you are looking for servers on wholesale or retail but I suggest my personal favortie in which you can find universally every top vendors. This is the one I'm talking about: Opens a new window

With our huge collection of old servers, you will get pre-configured as well as customized solutions. If the preconfigured systems do not cater to your requirements, you can get your server customized from us. Once you let us know your business needs and resource requirements, we will custom build your server by adding or modifying the hardware, operating system and bandwidth, to make it perfect for your kind of workload or business.

You need not search for branded servers anymore as we offer a wide range of old servers from top brands including Dell, IBM, HP, Cisco, etc. You can choose the most suitable server for your business from this variety. These power-packed and high performing servers include tested and certified spare parts of high quality. All these servers have powerful processors, high network capabilities, advanced GPUs, and impressive storage and memory capacities.

If you are running a startup or have started a small business, you would want to save on your costs and may not want to spend on getting new servers for your business. Old servers available with us are the best option for you. They come at lower prices than the new ones but will give you the similar performance like new servers as these old servers are from top brands. You get optimal server performance with cost savings.

The old servers that we sell have been rigorously tested at multiple levels for quality, physical condition, and performance. They have also gained certifications from some of the best Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). These tests and certifications make sure that your mission-critical applications operate and function reliably and without any disruptions on these servers. ISV-certified servers deliver optimal performance and a greater user experience.

Do not think that you will be on your own after you purchase these servers from us; our support team is always available to provide complimentary 24/7 technical help to resolve all your technical issues. If you face any difficulties during the installation and setup of the server or any glitches at a later stage, contact our team anytime via phone, email, or live chat. They will promptly address them and assist you in resolutions. is a Canadian server store that has been shipping servers to Canada and all over the world since 2010. We pride ourselves on shipping high quality refurbished servers and datacenter equipment. You can shop for servers, networking and storage equipment with confidence. Our technician use specialty software to test HP and Dell servers to ensure quality and reliability.

We're now wondering about the specs of our two new machines (the Web App and Firewall servers) and whether we can get away with buying a couple of old servers. (Note: Both machines will be running Windows Server 2008 R2.)

Our engineer postulated that the reason companies upgrade their servers to newer processors is often because they want to reduce their power costs, and that a 2.6Ghz processor was still a 2.6Ghz processor, no matter when it was made.

That being said, that's not my first concern with this plan. My first concern is that used servers will have a significantly reduced operational life that a new server, since you don't know how it was previously used, under what conditions, or what'll happen to it in transit on the way to you. Generally speaking, for production systems, reliability should always take precedence to performance, since it'll cost you way more to fix a dead production server than to upgrade a server that's too slow.

Well I think that it at first depend on "HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE TO INVEST?"For example I'm setting up a on-line game and I unfortunately don't have enough money to get new servers Rack 2U that cost 4.500 euro each.

I think that if you have a company that can invest you have to get new stuff but second hand servers that are GREAT could make possibile the realization of projects for those who can't afford the heavy costs but have the knowledge to start the job.

Sounds like a reasonable thing to do. Web servers them selves don't need tons of horse power. A dual core machine with 16 gigs of ram sounds sufficent. If this were a database server, I would go the other way though. Databases you know need lots of processing power to grind through the data, and more processors/more ram on those machines is necessary.

Not all server power supplies are created equal. Some cheap supplies have power factors as low as 0.5 while green supplies can have power factors close to 0.9. The theoretical ideal power factor is 1.0. Power factor is an indication of how much current flowing in the AC input line is actually being used to deliver actual power to the device. Residential customers are typically not billed more for having poor power factor, but it is kinder to the planet to have a better power factor. Note that bad power factor does cause more current to flow and you are more likely to trip a circuit breaker because the breaker will react to the total current even if not all of the current is delivering actual consumed power. You can check the servers specifications do find power supply input ratings.

As Bill says, rack servers are, by their nature, noisy. Tower servers (usually intended for small businesses) are typically less so. Likewise, small business servers usually have a better power factor.

Their ability to dump the framebuffer into a remote management interface at the same time they paint it on your video-out is appreciated; but the ASpeed GPUs that you normally find in servers make Intel Integrated stuff from years back look screaming fast.

Most HP servers will monitor current load on the PSU, and will preemptively adjust fan speeds to account for the additional load. Sometimes, a device will report its load as being the maximum load it can apply rather than what it is actually drawing. Result: fans at 100%.

Not sure what your used servers are worth? Get a free market valuation of your hardware and fast purchase offer. We provide generous payment via check, PayPal, or wire. Talk is cheap: send us a list of your used servers and see how much value we provide over the competition.

When you sell used servers with us, we take care of any cabling, power supplies, racks, batteries, chillers, liquid cooling setups, or other difficult to dismantle infrastructure for you to simplify your project. Whether you need a forklift or a wrecking ball.

We predominantly buy HP Proliant Gen 9 and Gen 10 rack servers, but any model of HPE server is welcome, such as Apollo servers, Bladesystems, Edgeline converged edge systems, moonshot systems, and many more.

We buy any Lenovo servers newer than 5 years old, depending on the configuration. Example systems we purchase include ThinkSystem tower servers, Thinkservers, ThinkSystem Rack Servers, X3650 M5 servers, TD340 servers, RD350 servers, RD640 Servers, and many more!

Looking to sell used Supermicro servers? We buy all varieties of Supermicro rack servers, tower servers, and blade servers. Supermicro servers are too numerous and broadly named to list all of them here, but some common models we buy include Superservers, SuperStorage servers, FatTwin servers, and microcloud servers, to name a few. We also buy Supermicro servers branded as Thinkmate servers and many other whitelabeled brands manufactured by them.

A good rule of thumb is to leave no wiggle room for any parts whatsoever. CPU and RAM trays should be taped together, servers should be packed in form fitting polyurethane foam, and GPUs should have custom foam boxes. For more information consult our IT packing instructions page.

If you already have an updated inventory list with server specs on it that would be ideal. Alternatively, if you can send us a picture of a tag from every model of server you have along with the quantity and a general idea of the components inside, that will be sufficient for a reasonable estimate. If you know the model numbers and can provide details on the components for every server, we can provide a very precise quote for your HP servers.

Yes! The market for used servers and other computer equipment is quite large. Previously owned technology finds homes everywhere from corporate data centers to nonprofit organizations. Let exIT Technologies find the buyers for you so you can concentrate on more strategic business tasks.

exIT Technologies is a 25 year R2 certified IT Asset Recovery company located at 2254 Trade Center Way in Naples, FL. Easily sell servers, storage, networking, processors, memory, and hard drives. We ship, process, wipe, and send a check with an itemized report. Call, chat, e-mail any of our dedicated reps anytime for a next business day solution. 041b061a72


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