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Julian Nelson

[S1E15] The Bodyguard !!LINK!!

Jerry saved Spike from going to the city's pound, so Spike felt the need to reward Jerry in some way, so he offered to be his bodyguard. Now, the only thing that Jerry has to do is whistle, and Spike will go. Obviously, this becomes a great problem to Tom, who tries to find a way to catch the mouse without messing up with the dog.

[S1E15] The Bodyguard

I wish Lynn's most substantial installment to date wasn't one in which she started out with a tumble in the hay and a bit of fun with her driver and bodyguard only to learn how very alone she really is in the world and feeling responsible for her bodyguard's death.

He hired Goomer to be his bodyguard. They went to the food truck to buy burritos for lunch. Del realized he forgot his sunglasses and sent Goomer to get them from his car. Sam, Cat, and Dice who were waiting for him run to him and asked to take a group selfie with him. He agreed, then Cat tied her balloon to a little girl's tricycle. They were about to take their picture when the trike started floating up due to the balloon. Sam borrowed Brody's spear gun and shot the balloon, causing the trike to fall on Del's head and knocking him out. 041b061a72


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