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Rewire your beliefs with the Subliminal Builder-- a 7 day launchpad to embodying your next iteration of you!


Subliminal audio recordings are affirmations that are embeded underneath music such that you cannot consciously hear them. This means that your subconscious mind can absorb the affirmations without your critical factor (part of the conscious mind) cock blocking it. 


Over 7 days you will: create affirmations that resonate with your soul, create your own embodiment ritual, record your own affirmations, and receive them back as subliminal audio recordings.


  • 4 Subliminal Audio Recordings
  • 27 page Workbook 
  • exclusive Facebook Group access with videos guiding you through the process 


Upon purchasing you will have access to the workbook, which includes links to access the SBE Portal (videos) and the Facebook Group.

Subliminal Builder Experience

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