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~25 minute Masterclass on moving through Overwhelm -- replay recording from the live event in August of 2022

Please note, upon purchase you'll receive a downloadable PDF with the web address and password to access this file. We do IP security, so be kind and don't share the file. 

What you will learn:
+ 4 Step Process on overcoming Overwhelm
+ deepen Self Worth + Self Trust
+ how to transform Overwhelm into the Abundance you desire

Who this is for:
+ if you've been feeling stressed out by life
+ feel like you're drowning in everything you DON'T WANT
+ ready to claim what you DO want in life
+ feeling cut off from Receiving Mode

Results you can expect:
+ deeper awareness of Overwhelm + how to use it to your advantage
+ open yourself up to Receiving your desires
+ work with your Giving + Receiving Cycle to prevent and release stress

This isn't just "think happy thoughts" ... we will be diving into how your concept of Self Worth has been feeding your levels of Overwhelm & Abundance.

You will begin seeing yourself, the world & your situation differently-- and that is when you stop hitting your head against the wall, and doors open.

Bonus Meditation Included.

Overwhelm to Abundance MASTERCLASS

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