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Created as a collaboration with Sales Coach, Ruby Lin (IG:, this is a set of 8 very specific meditations created especially for people who are looking to make energetically aligned sales.


If you don’t already know Ruby, she is a total badass! She has a decade’s worth of corporate and start-up sales experience and is revolutionizing how sales is done in the online space.


Since transitioning to coaching new entrepreneurs in April of 2020, Ruby has been teaching her clients on her philosophy around Energetically Aligned Sales™️ . She coaches new entrepreneurs on how to build their business in a way that is in energetic alignment to them and likes to do things just a bit differently.


There are many different styles of meditation, and the meditations I have included here are not your standard cup of tea, they are active, placing your Inner Guidance in the driver's seat. 


Guided Visualizations - an imagination game, where I guide you through a story and your Inner Guidance fills in the gaps. These are especially powerful for calling in a reality that hasn't manifested yet. Also incredibly powerful for releasing blocks. 


It comes with 2 Guided Visualizations:

1. Make The Ask

2. Discover The Texture


Mindset Shifters - a form of Audio Recording Meditation which works to alter your perspective so your Inner Guidance is driving the metaphorical car of your mind while in a relaxed receptive state. We work on strengthening the part of you that has the capacity to shift in a moment’s notice, by continuously handing the driver’s wheel to your Inner Guidance as we explore a specific topic.


It comes with 2 Mindset Shifters:

1. Unattached

2. Trust and Time


Curiocity Expanders - a form of Audio Recording Meditation which works to expand your current bounds of thinking. While in a relaxed receptive state, I ask you questions, and your Inner Guidance begins stepping in to answer them. 


It comes with 2 Curiocity Expanders:

1. For Enrolling

2. Lead from Your Heart 


Affirmation Mantra - a booster shot of remembering who the fuck you are. Affirmation Mantras are perfect for right before taking action. They allow you to quickly get into vibrational alignment with what you’re looking to create. Best if used in the AM or right before taking action.


It comes with 1 Affirmation Mantra:

1. Enrollment Mantra


As well as 1 mixed format meditation On Scarcity & Abundance.


All of the answers are within you. The difficulty in life is being able to hear our Inner Guidance. These meditations are here to support you in making Sales become energetically aligned by allowing your Inner Guidance to lead.


Meditation Kit: Energetically Aligned Sales

  • Only available with purchase till Halloween! After the pumpkins are thrown out, these wil not be included with the Meditation Kit.

    + Audio Recording: Entrepreneur Affirmation Mantra from Med Kit: For The Entrepreneur

    Forever Bonus:

    + Unattached Workbook

    + Trust & Time Workbook

    + Giving & Receiving Mantras/Affirmations for Energetically Aligned Sales

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