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Do you wish your subconscious mind -- your ego -- your lizard brain -- could support you rather than inhibit you?


Do you get stuck looking only at the big picture or only at the details? 


Are you tired of feeling like it takes WORK to get into a flow state?


Do you find yourself always saying "I don't know"?


Hi, I am Gemma Dadourian. Not that long ago I was constantly stuck fighting myself-- living in the HOW-- and struggling to hear myself, let alone trust myself.


And then I decided there had to be an easier way. I took myself through a process and developed meditations-- SPECIFICALLY Guided Visualizations & Affirmation Mantras on zeroed-in topics. This allowed me more insights at a rapid fire pace. Now it is my joy and honor to support others in accessing their inner magic-- their inner guidance system.


This is a set of 7 specialized meditations created for people who carve their own path, for the coaches, mentors, business women and men who choose to live that adventurous life of being an Entrepreneur. 


This kit includes:

  • 5 Guided Visualizations (audio recording)
  • 2 Affirmation Mantras (audio recording)
  • 5  Journal Prompts based off the Guided Visualizations
  • 7 Affirmation Lists based off all audio recordings


Each audio recording is around 5-10 mins in length.


All access is sent to your email immediatly up on purchase. 


Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening. 


★ 10% of purchase goes to Charity of the Month


For The Entrepreneur - Meditation Kit

  • This is for any and all entrepreneurs. Just starting out? Awesome. Been in the game awhile? Perfect. All entrepreneurs face burnout and overwhelm. This is for the entrepreneur that wants to amplify their self-trust, and move through problems that arise with divine self guidance.


    One of the biggest traps we as humans fall victim to is getting caught in only seeing the big picture or only seeing what’s in front of us right now.

    When we focus too heavily on the big picture, we never get started on the detailed ideas. When we focus too heavily on the details, we lose sight of our purpose, our why.

    Finding balance in this area, and specifically having a tool to switch and balance out is part of what these meditations have to offer.

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