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This holiday season, gift your community a Breathwork Session on zoom.


How this Works:

  • Upon purchase you will get a pdf with a link to form to set up your community breathwork session. 
  • this form includes you setting the intention and tone for this breathwork session
  • then I get to work, creating a meditation for your community
  • I'll email you a pre-recorded video on the benefits of breathwork + what your people should bring to the zoom call, which you can send to them the week before
  • then, we have our breathwork session
  • after the session, you and I will hold space for your people to share if they feel up to it


Benefits of Breathwork:

+ detoxifies the body

+ increases mental clarity

+ connect to your intuition

+ anti-inflammatory effect

+ aura cleanse 

+ downloads from the Universe


My Journey With Breathwork:

I started practicing breathwork in 2018 with ZERO warning or education on what we were doing. Over the years I learned the history + power of breathwork, as well as how to guide others. To this day it remains one of the most powerful tools I have to shift into Receiving Mode-- it is truely the practice of Releasing to Receive. 

Community Breathwork Session

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