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"I give you freedom, and this is what you do with it." 1091 Pictures has released an official trailer for Lust Life Love, a star-crossed love story set in the world of polyamory and sex parties in New York City. How's that for a pitch? The film is directed by Benjamin Feuer & Stephanie Sellars, and stars Stephanie Sellars as Veronica. A polyamorous writer's life turns upside down when she falls in love with a monogamous man. She thought she had it all and was enjoying life until she meets Daniel, a handsome, monogamous, married man. The cast includes Jake Choi, Makeda Declet, Jeanna Han, Rolando Chusan, Renee Erikson, and Bill Irwin. I'm glad this film tries to approach polyamory honestly and address a lot of what's going on in that scene. I'm always curious to learn more about different perspectives and this has some unique ones.

erika lust lust love life


Description: XConfessions Volume 16 has landed and it includes 6 newly released movies from the award winning XConfessions series all in one digital download. And on top of that, one of the shorts is an unseen exclusive! Everything from romance and comedy, ballerinas gone wild in a New York ballet studio to an intimate sex documentary about the importance of a fulfilling and nourishing love life regardless of age. Shot by selected directors, and Erika Lust herself, every story in this digital download is inspired by a confession submitted to Erika Lust's site XConfessions, where anonymous members of the public submit their wildest and most personal sexual fantasies.


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