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Buy Coach Handbags Wholesale

Coach is a coveted label in the US fashion accessories business. It specializes in leather-crafted goods and gift items and has sales of nearly USD 1 billion from its handbags, purses, business cases, travel luggage and accessories, wallets, outerwear, gloves, and other products.

buy coach handbags wholesale

Argersinger: Shellacked is definitely the right word. Anytime you're, you've guided for revenue growth of 20% and it comes in at 12%, and then you guide for the following year of growth of 11% to 12% when you're also expecting 20%, or at least the market's expecting 20%, it's not gonna be a good day for your stock. And so when I look at Under Armour, what we have to remember, this is still very much a retail story. In other words, about 60% of Under Armour's revenue still comes from wholesale sales to department stores, to sports retailers, and it was a really bad holiday season for department stores and in-store retail sales.

Greer: Well let's switch to another retailer, Andy. Coach reporting better than expected earnings, shares up on the news. North American same-store sales for Coach rising 3%. Is this still all about handbags?

3% does not sound like a lot, and yes, Mac, it is mostly handbags, but Stuart Vevers, who's the new creative director, not new, he came in a couple years ago, and Victor Luis who's the CEO as of a few years ago, as longtime CEO Lew Frankfort stepped down, I really like what they're trying to do differently than what we're seeing in Under Armor. They're actually really pulling back on some of the discounting, they're trying to get that under control, they're trying to really rebrand and rebuild the brand of Coach. Stuart Vevers, from the creative side, really trying to bring back the sex appeal to what Coach may be, a little bit Mac, and we're starting to see it play out in the financials and so while 3% doesn't sound phenomenal compared to where they were, it's actually impressive. And importantly, it's the third consecutive quarter of comp growth, which is what you really want to see from Coach.

Cross: I think they can. I think they couldn't before. But with the fresh thinking that Stuart Vevers has brought in, the creative director, as I mentioned, and Victor Luis, I think that they are bringing a perspective, the new 1941 handbags they launched last year are starting to have some appeal, they're playing across higher price points that I mentioned, but also not foregoing the lower price points.

Coach also also announced a major reorganization at the top of its executive ranks. Andre Cohen was promoted to president of North America and global marketing, adding North American wholesale plus global marketing, customer experience and digital to his responsibilities. Todd Kahn was promoted to president, chief administrative officer and secretary, and will expand his scope to include IT, supply chain, global environments and procurement. Meanwhile, Coach President/COO Gebhard Rainer and David Duplantis, its president of global marketing, digital and customer experience, are leaving the company.

Noting that brands including Burberry and Gucci are expanding rapidly by opening stores in Chinese cities, Mr Wan said: "Their business model [means] they will earn a manufacturing margin, a wholesale margin and a retail margin. As a multi-brand retailer, what we are earning is the retail margin. And we are a big-box retailer, so the overheads are significant."

UK-listed Burberry has seen its shares rise 34 per cent since it bought out its Chinese franchise partner in a 70m deal last September, bringing 50 stores under direct control. The company estimates the conversion of wholesale-to-retail sales will add 20m to annual operating profits, when it reports full-year results next Thursday. 041b061a72


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